101 in 1001

Alright so, I started this list of 101 things to accomplish in 1001 days. I thought it would be a good idea to share it with you guys when I check some of them off the list.

  1. Get NYC and the Subway all the way understood.
  2. Take cooking lessons.
  3. Try yoga.
  4. Leave the country.
  5. Buy domain for OHG.
  6. Get Business Cards.
  7. Open a savings account and ACTUALLY save.
  8. Buy a gold set of Jewelry.
  9. Have 2000+ people follow what I’m up to.
  10. Link up with a few graffiti artists.
  11. Get involved with charity and/ or volunteer work. 041917 NJ Institute of Dissability 
  12. Have some sort of communication with Law Roach and pick his insane brain.
  13. Pick a signature accessory.
  14. Buy a dog and name him Levi.
  15. Spend more time with my brothers.
  16. Raise my credit score.
  17. Speak Spanish close to fluent.
  18. Move out of New Jersey.
  19. Quit smoking cigarettes.
  20. Learn to sew and make 3 WEARABLE garments.
  21. Finish my half sleeve tattoo.
  22. Keep up with news and current events.
  23. Fall in love. 090816
  24. Find and travel to Hip Hop museums.
  25. Get bartending license.
  26. Learn how to fish.
  27. Have 5 Clients.
  28. Become a brand ambassador.
  29. Meet 2 rappers and interview them.
  30. Learn how to shoot a gun.
  31. Visit a tequila distillery and/or winery.
  32. Stay 31w, M shirt, 40 slim.
  33. Collaborate with an emerging designer.
  34. Meet, work with and befriend a photographer/ videographer.
  35. Go to New Orleans.
  36. Enter a competition.
  37. Learn how to play Spades.
  38. Build something.
  39. Leave my retail work for a better job in fashion.
  40. Get invited to an event for coverage.
  41. Buy a car. Lexus. Blond, Becky Blond.
  42. Seriously consider modeling and take head shots.
  43. Consistently blog for 6 months.
  44. Go to 10 live music concerts. 042717, Travis Scott.
  45. Learn how to play tennis.
  46. Buy a HUGE bong.
  47. Send headshots to modeling agencies.
  48. Turn my everyday electronics all to Apple.
  49. Get invited to NYFW.
  50. Meet 2 athletes and interview them.
  51. Go to 3 sporting events.
  52. Go to 3 music festivals.
  53. Turn OHG into a brand.
  54. Explore a different artistic side of myself.
  55. Link with Nas and History Clothing.
  56. Start an Of Her Game.
  57. Get a NYC bartending job.
  58. Try acupuncture.
  59. Move in with my other half.
  60. Move to NYC or D.C.
  61. Get into personal shopping/ closet organization.
  62. Put fashion to music.
  63. Visit Chicago.
  64. Visit 3 luxury streetwear stores throughout the US.
  65. Subscribe to menswear publications. Texture App! Look it up, get it!
  66. Reach out and collaborate with 2 other menswear bloggers.
  67. Work with an upcoming artist/ graffiti artist.
  68. Full-time work in NYC.
  69. Have some sort of internship/ apprenticeship with a stylist.
  70. Host a fashion show, open mic, emerging artist showcase of somebody elses or my own.
  71. Having my existance acknowledged by Kanye, Russ, Kyrie, Cam, Jaden Smith, AB, Fab, Nas and/or Lil Kim.
  72. Famous closets.
  73. Weekend get away with somebody I’m dating.
  74. Read 3 books.
  75. Style and develop a new artist.
  76. Find out what it will take to go back to school and get my Bachelors Degree.
  77. Visit Colorado.
  78. Get recognized on the street.
  79. Go to an island.
  80. Release 1 season of work.
  81. Be on TV.
  82. Do a couple detox/ cleanses.
  83. Raise money and participate in the AIDS Walk NYC.
  84. Go to 3 open mics. 
  85. Get recognized by a major publication. 
  86. Create an OHG logo. 
  87. Go hiking. 
  88. Go camping.
  89. Rewatch the entire Prison Break tv show. 
  90. Stop drinking soda. 
  91. Start my leg tattoo.
  92. Have a ring involved in my relationship. 
  93. Go stupid on my record collection.
  94. CUBA!!
  95. Get another 5 mic album from a female rapper.
  96. Have a business contract. 
  97. Be the best man. The Monroe’s, 041317
  98. Finish my ribs tattoo.
  99. Win something. 
  100. Be an inspiration to somebody. 


DUE DATE: 011620

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